Addiction intervention is a process--not an event. Knowles Interventions & New Directions (KIND) can help.


What to Expect

No single intervention journey is the same. Our main goal is to provide you with the information and safe place for action to take place in the form of intervention. Knowles Interventions & New Directions (KIND) will establish a safe and honest environment for family, friends, and colleagues of the individual with Substance Use Disorder to come together and work on the best solution. The process of intervention is a team effort and therefore requires teamwork to plan and carry out activities in supporting the process and the substance abuser. To do so, we use three tools to help all those involved: Education, guidance, and collaboration.


The team at KIND will educate family and those affected on the physical, mental, emotional effects of addiction. The purpose is to help you understand the holistic process recovery from addiction and to support those affected by substance abuse.


Information is a key component to understanding the impacts of substance abuse. Professional guidance and education encourage an evolutionary process. This process includes not only who’s chemically dependent, but others who are also impacted.


KIND will coordinate with family and others involved--as well as clinical staff of the rehab facility--to determine actions in several areas to create a successful change towards a New Direction.

  • Discussions to prevent premature dropout from treatment
  • Develop and implement a relapse prevention plan
  • Coordinate appropriate aftercare and planning for the addicted individual’s return home and/or to the community
  • Prepare for emergency meetings if relapse or other crises occur
  • Engage in family psycho-educational work
  • Further promote long-term, sustainable for the person of concern and the family
Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Just the word "Intervention" can be a frightening concept. In its simplest form, to intervene is to take action to improve a situation.  You may be asking yourself, “Do I continue to allow this self-destructive process to continue to spiral? or Do I take action?”

Although both are difficult often daunting choices, deciding to get help can set those affected on a path of healing. This, in turn, aids the addicted person by creating a healthy environment in which they might accept help. Many people think that once the person of concern accepts help that the problem is solved; unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Intervention is aimed at helping the whole family, friends and colleagues—as well as the addicted individual. The act of intervening is meant to be the start of the journey rather than the end. Help someone get their life back from the devastating effects of drug abuse or alcoholism. We can help through substance abuse interventions in Denver and surrounding areas. Alcohol or drug intervention can be daunting, but we can help demystify the process.

Drug and alcohol dependence and addiction can be difficult to talk about.  Knowles Intervention and New Direction (KIND) is here to help get someone you care about back from the depths of despair.  Perhaps they don’t believe there is a problem, or if they do, feel hopeless about ever changing. Problems from drinking and drug use begin to emerge.  Initially, some of these may be seemingly minor such as a day or two missed from work, broken promises, and excuses.  Other red flags like multiple DUI’s, arrests, job loss, marriage or relationship difficulties are impossible to overlook. If you are starting to question what to do about someone's substance abuse, we can offer the help that you need. The alcoholic or drug addict is only one part of the equation.  Family, friends and concerned others are also important components--these people can all be of significant help.  Statistics show that the more people involved in supporting an addicted individual in their recovery, the better the chances for sustainable long-term healing.  We not only work to help get the alcoholic/addict into treatment but also help the families every step of the way. Family involvement can make the difference between permanent recovery and relapse.  

Call today if you or someone you know needs help.  Answers--and the possibility of a new lease on life--are only a phone call away.

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